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Food Adulteration: A threat to our lives

Staff Reporter (Dhaka) April 28, 2014: Nowadays food adulteration is a serious problem in our country. Today almost every food available in our market are adulterated.

There are many reasons for food adulteration. The main reason is to gain profit quickly. Mainly the greedy businessmen are responsible for this. Sometimes foods are given artificial colors to make them attractive to the people.

Mostly poisonous chemicals are used for this purpose. But it is a serious threat to public health. There are many bad impacts of food adulteration It may cause fatal diseases such as digest problem, diarrhea, dysentery and cancer kidney failure and so on. Food adulteration is done in such a way that it cannot be easily understood. Various hotels and restaurants also serve poisonous and unhealthy menus.

Now this situation is going out of control day by day. It should be stopped immediately. The government should come forward to solve the problem. Effective law should be enforced against the culprits. They must be punished.

We should try to avoid adulterated foods. We should realize the bad consequence of food adulteration. Mass media can play an important role creating public awareness. So we should unitedly stand against this for the prevention of food adulteration.

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