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পোষ্টটি লিখেছেন: Diluar Hussen

Diluar Hussen এই ব্লগে 0 টি পোষ্ট লিখেছেন .

Diluar Hussen was born on 24th july 1995 in LalaBazar, Sylhet, Bangladesh. He is a very simple person but he loves to accept challenges. He does strongly believe in luck that it can be changed only by hard works. He also believes that his honesty is to build himself and humanity is to build the society. He got very big dreams all about his country as well as our helpless people. He will disclose these very soon in public and start the mission. Keep him in your prayers and go ahead with your dreams, the almighty Allah is with you. Thank you very much and look after yourself. Where ever you are, be safe and plan for tomorrow..

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