S.S.C. ENGLISH Model Test 2016 (1)

S.S.C. Model Test 2016 (1)
Subject: English First and Second Paper

Time: 40 Minutes Marks: 40

Read the text and answer the questions.

Severe moral degradation is a crucial problem of mankind which is seriously affecting the peaceful and meaningful living of human beings. In society, morality is the main source of development of the heavenly qualities like love, affection, heavenly feelings, respect and appreciation for others, It is moral values and institutions which ensure establishment of social peace, order and justice.

There is no denying the fact that morality is the best virtue of mankind at any individual, social and global level, Without attaching the essence of morality, a fruitful, honest and durable democratic, socio-economic, administrative and judicial institution can never be dreamt of. Social ills and vices, in most cases, occur mainly due to human activities devoid of moral senses, So, it is necessary to develop moral awareness and conscience among the world’s people irrespective of colour, religion and nationality. Arranging seminars, symposia at different levels of society is also necessary to motivate and encourage the people of all strata to accelerate moral uplift from their respective families and social levels.

Write the answers of the following questions. 2×5=10
From your reading of line 2 and 3, write some heavenly qualities of human beings.
“Social ills and vices occur mainly due to human activities devoid of moral senses.” What does the sentence symbolize?
Which things do moral values ensure?
What may happen for lack of morality?
Do you support the activities of arranging seminars of different levels of the society?
Change the sentences according to directions. 1×10=10
Charles Babbage was a British mathematician. (Make it negative without changing meaning)
He was born on 26 December 1791, probably in London. (Compound)
He was often unwell when he was a child. (Simple)
In 1810 he went to Cambridge University to satiate his interest in mathematics. (Complex)
After graduation he was hired by the Royal Institution to lecture on calculus. (Active)
In 1820 Babbage worked on his ‘Different Engine’ a machine which could perform mechanical calculation. (Simple)
His ‘Different Engine 2’ was bigger and better than ‘Different Engine 1’. (Positive)
His invention ‘Analytical Engine’ was a very complex machine. (Exclamatory)
He is remembered for his invention as the pioneer of computer. (Active)
He died in London at his home on 18 October 1817. (Complex)
Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis. 0.5×10=05

Macbeth is Shakespeare’s (a) _____ (great) ______ tragedy which tells the story of a brave (b) _____ (Scotland) ______ general. His name is Macbeth who receives a (c) _____ (prophet) ______ from a trio of witches. The prophecy reveals that one day he will become the king of Scotland. He is (d) _____ (consume) ______ by ambition and spurred to (e) _____ (act) ______ by his (f) _____ (ambitious) ______ wife Lady Macbeth. Out of (g) _____ (desperate) ______ he kills King Duncan and takes the throne for himself. He soon becomes an (h) _____ (autocracy) ______ ruler and resorts to (i) _____ (commit) ______ more and more murder to protect himself from doubt and (j) _____ (suspect) ______.

Complete the sentences. 1×5=05
Danger comes where ________.
It seemed that ________.
It is high time that you ________.
Ambition means desire ________.
________ one needs to study hard.
Write a letter to your friend describing him what you intend to do after the annual exam. 10

Sample Answers:

Transformation of Sentence:
Charles Babbage was not a non- British mathematician.
He was born on 26 December 1791 and probably it was in London.
He was often unwell in his childhood.
In 1810 he went to Cambridge University so that he could satiate his interest in mathematics.
After his graduation the Royal Institution hired him to lecture on calculus.
In 1820 Babbage worked on his ‘Different Engine’ a machine to perform mechanical calculation.
His ‘Different Engine 1’ was not as big and good as ‘Different Engine 2’.
What a complex machine his invention ‘Analytical Engine’ was!
People remember him as the pioneer of computer for his invention.
When it was on 18 October 1817, he died in London at his home.

3. a. greatest b. Scottish c. prophecy d. consumed e. actions f. over-ambitious g. description h. autocratic i. committing j. suspicious

4. a. Danger comes where danger is feared.

b. It seemed that it was raining.

c. It is high time that you changed your bad habits.

d. Ambition means desire to get something.

e. To fulfill ambition, one needs to study hard.

18 November 2015

35 North Bashabo,

Dhaka 1214

Dear Jahid,

I have just received your letter. In your letter you wanted to know what I intend to do after the final /J.S.C/S.S.C. exam. Now I am writing about my plan.

You know that from my childhood I have a great plan to do something for the betterment of my society and nation. So, I have decided that after my final /J.S.C/S.S.C. exam I will go to my native village and I will devote myself in social service. Most of the people of our village are deprived of education. So, I have planned to start an evening school for adult people and I will teach them about health, family planning and nutrition. I will also teach them how to cultivate scientifically. Some of my friends also encouraged me and assured their support. I think it will be my best opportunity to fulfill my dream and serve the common people. I need your good wishes for it.

No more today, inform me about your intension after the final /J.S.C/S.S.C. exam. Convey my best regard to your parents and love to the younger.

Your loving friend


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